(Photo Credit: Gary Jones)





Kongo is a Eurasian guitarist, vocalist, composer and arranger and is unique in Hong Kong as a fusion musician. His mission is to represent the pinnacle of musicianship, bringing the highest level of skill, creativity and emotional content into the mainstream and making it the norm both in Hong Kong and internationally. It is very important to him to create the first internationally marketable music in Hong Kong’s history. His fusion concepts transcend boundaries people often put on music by separating it into genres and classifying bands and artists within such boxes. If the current music must be categorised, it could be considered “rock fusion”, combining elements of what is commonly perceived as rock, blues, jazz and funk with Afro-Cuban / Latin, African and other rhythms, odd time-signatures, the occasional polyrhythmic elements and other such methods of space-time manipulation. Kongo has performed with the best musicians in Hong Kong and has experience locally and internationally. He spent the past few years developing his concept, liaising with all the musicians in the Hong Kong scene and has now gathered it's finest musicians to form the territory’s first world class band, each of whom are the only ones who can fill their respective roles. This will be the first time Hong Kong has had an act that can be presented globally to any market, without limitation.

New music coming soon!  Bookmark this page and look out for future updates.

Kongo (Band) Line-Up:

Kongo - Guitar & Vocals
Chris "The Octobeast" Brien - Drums & Percussion
Kat "The Captain" - Bass & Vocals

(Photo Credit: Karma Cheng, Kat, Jonathan Kornberg, John Razalo, Wallace Wan)