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Kat is a performer by nature. Growing up in Hong Kong, in high school she mastered piano, guitar and her number one instrument, vocals. She went on to receive her ISTD licentiate in Musical Theater and received awards in many disciplines of dance. Kat went on to work and perform with some of the best artists in Asia and Africa from all areas of the entertainment industry. This combination made her a unique, talented and charismatic performer. From the minute she appears on stage she leaves you breathless with her energy, all the while drawing you into the story of the music. With Kat's wealth of experience and knowledge of the music and entertainment industry and since there was nobody in Hong Kong capable of filling the role, Kongo decided to train her to become a premier bassist himself and enlisted her as part of the band roster. She has gone from strength to strength ever since. In the space of her first year on the instrument she accomplished what takes some 10 years to learn. With a family rooted in horse racing, dance and a love of music Kat was bound to perform. She has travelled from a young age and these experiences influenced her style. Studying in various countries gave her an original persona which has been finely tuned by being mentored by the best in the business. The complete package of her skills on bass, stunning presence and vocal ability make her a unique and indispensable asset.

(Photo Credit: Leon Clark, Jonathan Kornberg, Sambora Kwok, Unknown, Sambora Kwok)

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